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Euro Space Centre in Transinne, Belgium

  • Destination: Belgium
  • Duration: 2 days

The Euro Space Center is a unique recreational and educational discovery center about space and related science and technologies. Visiting the center allows students to live as real astronauts and to undergo astronaut training in English, French, or German.

The center offers many workshops, simulation exercises, as well as lectures about space and exploration from experts in this field. The center is aimed at young participants as well as older students and allows them to undergo training real astronauts have been subject to and even allows visitors to experience a simulated moonwalk.

The center offers courses and camps which range from 2 to 6 days in length.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Afternoon: Departure from school and travel to the Folkestone for Eurotunnel crossing into France. Onward travel to Belgium with comfort stops en-route.

Evening:Check-in at space camp and settling down period. Overnight stay.


Morning: After breakfast, group travel to the Euro Space Center for admission to this educational centre about space and related science and technologies.

Afternoon: Group enjoy their time with workshops, simulators, and lectures on space and exploration. Afternoon departure from Transinne and travel to Calais for return crossing back to England.

Evening: Travel back to school. End of tour.

Sights at Euro Space Centre

Moonwalk Simulator
Euro Space Centre in Transinne, BelgiumEver wonder what it would be like to walk on the moon? Here is your chance to experience that sensation without actually having to travel to the moon. The unique simulator lets students experience that feeling firsthand for themselves in this modern simulator.
Euro Space Centre in Transinne, BelgiumThis planetarium is great for seeing the night sky in detail and the Euro Space Center’s planetarium allows students to see celestial bodies they would not see otherwise with the naked eye.
Full-scale American Space Shuttle
Euro Space Centre in Transinne, BelgiumThe only place in the world where one can see a full-sized replica of the U.S Space Shuttle. Visitors can go inside the cockpit and see the complexity of the instruments inside as well as the shuttle’s hold area which was used to transport equipment into space.
The Training Hall
Euro Space Centre in Transinne, BelgiumThis large area within the Euro Space Center is full of machines which are used by real-life astronauts to train for upcoming missions. Visitors can use these machines and see if they have the right stuff to become an astronaut.

Euro Space Centre in Transinne, Belgium on Map

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