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UK Primary School Educational Tours & Excursions

Planning a UK primary school educational tour or excursion? Do you want it to be both enjoyable and educational for your students? Then you are in luck. We have all the facilities and knowledge to organise a successful primary school tour. Our team of specialists have ready-made primary school tours suitable for your class.  Our most popular primary school travel destinations are London, Oxford, Paris, and the Opal Coast in Northern France. If you are looking for something different than we can create for you a  bespoke primary school trip to your chosen destination.  You can also be sure that your group will be safe at all times as our safety advisor will discuss and assist you with risk management.

That is why we  at  Tours  for Groups take extra special care when creating a UK Primary School educational tour educational tour for your pupils. We want each primary school trip to be memorable,  educational, and safe.

Our tour advisor can discuss your learning objectives for your primary school group and create a tour which they will learn from.  Tours for Groups  can also  deal with any other additional requirements that your group needs, such as pre-arranging visit tickets, arranging additional meals, and personalised clothing and gear.

Not sure yet? Tours for Groups can arrange a pre-visit tour for two teachers to preview their chosen destination so that you will know exactly what to expect when it comes to their attraction visits  and the accommodation. This way you  can  be sure that there will not be any  surprises during your trip. (subject to T&C) Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

Tours & Excursions for Primary Schools in UK

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