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International Student Tours & Excursions

International student tours & excursions are a great way to practise your English. Tours for Groups is dedicated to ensuring that International students have the opportunity to see the best of Britain and Europe and practise their English Language skills. All international student tours comprise of multi-national students which helps facilitate the use of English throughout the tours.

Our in-house published learning resources, designed by TEFL qualified teachers, lets learners practise English whilst discovering more about their location. Educational resources are available at all levels ensuring that all students are challenged and engaged and more importantly practise the target language.

International students can also have peace of mind when it comes to safety and insurance. All international student tours undergo rigorous checks of accommodation and transportation. Additionally, free travel insurance is also included with each booking.   Knowing that you are in good hands means you can enjoy the sights and practise your English without worries. Experience this first hand by contacting us today.


International Student Tours & Excursions
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1 day
Dublin & The Wicklow Mountains

Dublin & The Wicklow Mountains

Republic of Ireland
4 days
London & London Eye

London & London Eye

UK - England
1 day
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