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Secondary school & 6th Form Colleges educational excursions & tours

We value the contribution of educational travel and understand the importance of learning outside the classroom. That is why all secondary school & 6th form colleges educational excursions & tours are created according to your requirements. Students are given a wide variety of opportunities for short and extended tours both in the UK and abroad. Our expert tour advisors can help you select a tour which will allow your students to immerse themselves in the location and benefit the most from the tour. Tours for Groups wants learning outside the classroom to be simple, hassle-free, safe, and inexpensive. Design your own group tour for your group by selecting which places you want to visit and when.

If you just want to organise a leisure trip for your class, than we can do that as well. Whether it’s ski trips to the Alps, football matches or going to a Formula 1 Race, Tours for Groups can also arrange that.

Tours for Groups is committed to safety. That is why you can have peace of mind knowing that out safety specialists have ensured that all the equipment, processes, facilities, personnel have been thoroughly checked so that risk is minimized.

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Secondary school & 6th Form Colleges educational excursions & tours

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