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Reims & Champagne Discovery

  • Destination: France
  • Duration: 3 days

Reims is a city in France that is often in the shadow of the capital, Paris. It became a major city during the Roman Empire and has been the traditional site of the crowning of the kings of France. Its magnificent cathedral, played the same role as Westminster Abbey in the UK. It is also considered the capital of Champagne with many champagne houses nearby to visit with their headquarters in the city. There are many sights in the city to see such as the Place Royale, many Gallo-Roman antiquities, cathedral and Saint Remi Basilica among others.

This tour also includes a visit to a champagne house to see how champagne is made using traditional methods. Your group will see the stages involved in production from fermentation, aging, riddling, disgorging, dosage and corking. The tour also includes a visit to the cellars of the champagne house, industry specialist information and tasting.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Departure from school and travel to Folkestone for Eurotunnel shuttle into France and onward travel to Reims.

Day 2

Group arrives in Reims for start of walking tour. See Reims Cathedral, Basilca Saint Remi, Place Royale and much more before evening arival at accommodation for overnight stay.

Day 3
After breakfast, group travels to champagne house for tour of the vineyards and a stop at a champagne house for tour with tasting. Afterwards group travels to Calais and Eurotunnel back to England and ruturn to school.

Sights & places of interest in Reims

Reims Cathedral
Reims & Champagne DiscoveryThis historical cathedral which recently celebrated its 800 anniversary is where the kings of France were crowned and the site where Clovis (first king of Franks) was baptized by Saint Remi in 496. The exterior of the cathedral resembles Notre Dame in Paris with large stunning rose windows and “gallery of kings” which depicts Clovis being baptized. Adjacent to the cathedral is the Palace of Tau, the former bishop’s palace.

Saint Remi Basilica
Reims & Champagne DiscoveryLocated within one mile of Reims Cathedral, this basilica takes the name of the patron saint of the city of Reims who baptized the first king of the Franks in Reims. The basilica is the resting place of several royal and religious figures including Carloman, brother of Charlemagne, and Henri d’Orleans among others.

Place Royale
Reims & Champagne DiscoveryThis large principal city square in Reims, with a statue of Louis XV in the centre is popular with visitors.

Mars Gate
Reims & Champagne Discovery This ancient Roman triumphal arch in Reims dates back to the third century AD and was the widest arch in the Roman world.

The Palace of Tau
Reims & Champagne DiscoveryThis archiepiscopal palace was the residence of the kings of France during their coronations. Now open to the public, the museum contains such exhibits as statues from the cathedral, and royal attire from the coronations of kings.

Reims City Hall
Reims & Champagne DiscoveryThis building erected in the 17th century features an equestrian statue of Louis XIII.

Reims tourism video

Reims on Map

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