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Phantasialand & Cologne

  • Destination: Germany
  • Duration: 4 days

Phantasialand is located in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia and is one of the most popular theme parks in all of Europe attracting 1.75 million visitors each year. The park was originally family-orientated, but in recent years has added many thrill rides making it more appealing for teenagers and young adults. The park is divided into different “lands” such as China Town, Deep in Africa, Wuze Town, and Berlin and each with their unique rides and attractions.

As one of Germany’s largest cities, Cologne has been growing in popularity as a location for student tours. It has more than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries as well as hosts a number of trade shows throughout the year. Besides this, Cologne Cathedral is one of the most impressive Roman Catholic churches in the world and is Germany’s most visited landmark. Teachers of many disciplines are sure to keep their students engaged with a visit to this city.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Evening: Departure from your school and overnight travel to Cologne by coach.

Day 2

Morning: Arrival outside of Cologne for breakfast stop before arriving near Cologne Cathedral for start of walking tour.

Afternoon: Visit one of the many museums in Cologne such as Lindt chocolate museum, Cologne Cathedral or spend the day enjoying German hospitality and the many sights of the city with your school group.

Evening: Check-into hotel for overnight stay.

Day 3

Morning: After breakfast, travel to Phantasialand for admission to one of Europe’s top theme park.

Afternoon: Enjoy the many rides and attractions in the theme park until meeting back in the late afternoon.

Evening: Travel to Calais for channel crossing back to UK and return to school.

Day 4

Morning: Arrive back at school after midnight the following day.

Sights & places of interest in Phantasialand & Cologne.

Cologne Cathedral- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis Roman Catholic Church is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. Its Gothic architecture and its significance to German Catholicism attract millions of tourists each year. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its fascinating story of construction, which lasted more than 600 years, shows the detail of work in every piece of stone laid.

Lindt Chocolate Factory- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis museum dedicated to everyone’s favourite treat is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth. It shows how chocolate is made from start to finish and made into beautful artisan pieces.

Hohenzollern Bridge- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis bridge which crosses the Rhine River is one of Cologne’s most familiar landmarks and the most used railway bridge in Germany. It was originally built in 1911 and was destroyed and demolished during World War II and later rebuilt.

Museum Ludwig- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis museum houses a collection of modern art and includes works from Pop Art, Abstract and Surrealism. It has one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe with around 900 works by the artist and features many works by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Today, the museum also houses the most comprehensive collection of early Russian avant-garde artworks outside of Russia.

Schnütgen Museum- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis museum is devoted to Christian religious art, mainly medieval, but some parts of the collection extends into textiles and prints. The museum occupies the large Romanesque church of St. Cäcilien since 1956. Highlights if the collection include a Romanesque tympanum from St. Cecilia’s itself, a 11th century Cross of St. George’s, and work from Rainer of Huy.

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln- Cologne
Phantasialand & CologneThis decorative arts museum of Cologne includes jewellery, porcelain, furniture, weaponry and architectural exhibits. Its large collections of over 100,000 items of European applied art from the 10th century to the present make it one of the largest in Europe. It is particulary famous for its collection of modern design and is spread over two floors.

Temple of the Night Hawk Ride-Phantasialand
Phantasialand & CologneThis enclosed roller coaster is now run completely in the dark except for some green moving lights.

Winjas Ride- Phantasialand
Phantasialand & CologneThese two spinning roller coasters are located in the Wurze Town and each car seats four passengers as they are spun around whilst on a steel track.

Colorado Adventure Ride- Phantasialand
Phantasialand & CologneThis steel roller coaster emulates an old style steam locomotives and has been voted by fans as one of the world’s best examples of the mine roller coaster.

Black Mamba Ride- Phantasialand
Phantasialand & CologneThis roller coaster located in the “Deep of Africa” area of the park is named after the famous venomous snake from the region. It is an inverted roller coaster with speeds reaching 80 kph.

Phantasialand & Cologne on Map

Phantasialand & Cologne tourism video

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