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Florence, Siena, & Pisa

  • Destination: Italy
  • Duration: 6 days

Florence, the capital of the region of Tuscany, is famous for its history: a European centre of medieval trade and finance and the birthplace of the Renaissance. The historic centre of Florence attracts millions of visitors each year for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and numerous monuments.

The city has arguably some of the most important works of art in the numerous museums in the city such as the world famous Uffizi Gallery which contains the Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. The city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its artistic and architectural heritage and is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Departing flight from UK airport to Pisa Airport and transfer to hotel.

Afternoon: Settling down period and local familiarisation by walking with our guide.

Evening: Free time for group activities followed by overnight stay.

Day 2

Morning: After breakfast (included at hotel), the group travel to Uffizi Gallery to see this remarkable museum and the nearby Palazzo Vecchio.

Afternoon:Afternoon free time to visit the medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio for lunch and maybe some Italian gelato.

Evening: Group visit Palazzo Pitti and Modern Art Galleries there. Travel back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 3

Morning: After breakfast, the group travel to visit the Galleria dell’Accademia and see Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. From there, the group visit San Lorenzo Basilica and Florence Cathedral.

Afternoon: Group spend the afternoon visiting Florence Cathedral and stay at the Piazza del Duomo.

Evening:Evening free time followed by return back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 4

Morning:After breakfast, the group travel to Siena to visit the city centre which is one of the nation’s most visited and famous for its cuisine, art, and museums.

Afternoon: Spend the afternoon exploring Siena or one of the many museums and also enjoy some tasty Italian food while you are there.

Evening:Evening return back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 5

Morning:After breakfast we travel to Pisa to visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Afternoon: Spend the afternoon exploring the Pisa and visiting Piazza Dei Miracoli or better known as Cathedral Square.

Evening:Evening return back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 6

Morning: After breakfast we travel back to Pisa Airport for return flight back to UK.

Afternoon: Arrival in UK in the afternoon followed by airport transfer back to school. End of Tour.

Sights & places of interest in Florence, Siena, & Pisa to visit

Florence Cathedral
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis main church otherwise called “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower” or Il Duomo di Firenze dates back to 1296 and is beautifully designed in a Gothic Style with marble panels of green, pink and white. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historic centre of Florence as one of the major attractions of the city. Located in the Piazza del Duomo, it is one of Italy’s largest churches and also has the largest brick dome roof ever constructed.

Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis art museum is one of the oldest and most famous museums in Europe and in the entire world. Throughout its history, first being offices for the Florentine magistrates and later a displace place for the many painting and sculptures collected by the House of Medici, it has inspired many including the like of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo who visited the Uffizi many times.

Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis art museum in Florence is home to one of the most famous sculptures in the world, Michelangelo’s David. It also has other sculptures from this great Renaissance sculptor as it was intended to be a museum dedicated to the artist. It has several unfinished works by the artist.

Basilica of Santa Croce (Florence)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis basilica is the main Franciscan church in Florence and located on the Piazza di Santa Croce and also the burial place of some of Italy’s most illustrious people including Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli and is sometimes referred to as the “Temple of the Italian Glories”.

Ponte Vecchio (Florence)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis medieval stone arch bridge in Florence over the Arno River is one famous for having shops built along it. It’s placement at the River Arno’s narrowest point is the same location where an ancient Roman bridge is believed to have been.

Palazzo Vecchio (Florence)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThe town hall of Florence located in the Piazza della Signoria. Its impressive tower and its copy of Michelangelo’s sculpture of David in front makes it one of the most significant public places in Italy. Now, as a museum it houses works from great artists such as Michelangelo, Peter Paul Rubens.

Piazzale Michelangelo (Florence)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis famous square overlooks the city of Florence and is a popular tourist attraction in the city. Named after the great Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo, the square has several copies of some of his works including David.

Siena Cathedral
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis medieval church is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and was completed in 1263. Styled in a French Gothic and Romanesque and classical architecture, the cathedral stands very impressively in the city centre. The cathedral possesses many valuable pieces of art including works by Donatello, Bernini and Michelangelo among others.

Torre Del Mangia (Siena)
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis tower in Siena was built between 1338- 1348 and is located in Siena’s main square, Piazza del Campo. The tower is adjacent to the Palazza Pubblico (Town Hall) and was one of the tallest structures of medieval Italy.

Tower of Pisa
Florence, Siena, & PisaThis bell tower for the cathedral in Pisa is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world because of its unintended tilt to one side. The tilt began because the tower was built on soft foundations on one side which was later stabilised in the 20th century. At a height of almost 56 metres, the tower gives exceptional views of the nearby cathedral and offers visitors an extraordinary photo opportunity.

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