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Cilento Coast- Italy’s Hidden Gem

  • Destination: Italy
  • Duration: 6 days

The Cilento Coast has been an important tourist area in southern Italy which has been overlooked by many tourists. Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, there are many small towns and villages which are scattered along the coast for example, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Velia, Marina di Camerota, and Scario to name just a few. This tour also visits the ancient Greek city of Paestum and allows students to visit well preserved ancient Greek temples.

Salerno is the main town close to the Cilento and Amalfi Coast and gained fame for the first medical school in the world. Today, Salerno is a popular cultural centre in southern Italy with many Palazzos, an imposing hilltop castle, and the cathedral which houses the tomb of Saint Mathew the Evangelist.

This tour can also be combined with visits to nearby Naples and ancient city of Pompeii.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Departing flight from UK airport to Naples followed by travel to the charming village of San Marco where the group will check-into accommodation.

Afternoon: Settling down period and local familiarisation by walking with our guide.

Evening: Free time for group activities followed by overnight stay.

Day 2

Morning: After breakfast (included at hotel), the group will explore the coastal town of Santa Maria di Castellabate. This medieval town has incredible views of the countryside and the sandy beaches and turquoise waters around the coast.

Afternoon:In the afternoon, the group have time to enjoy the lovely fishing town and enjoy the rest of the day either at the hotel’s swimming pool, or at the sandy beaches nearby.

Evening: Free-time in the evening for group activities.

Day 3

Morning: After breakfast, the group travel to Salerno and explore the town with our guide.

Afternoon: Free time to explore the town and see the Castello di Arechi and the unforgetable views from the hilltop. The group can also visit Salerno Cathedral and the tomb of Saint Mathew. In the late afternoon, the group can spend their time strolling the Lungomare Trieste and its palm tree promenade.

Evening:Evening return back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 4

Morning:After breakfast, the group travel to Paestum and visit the ancient Greek city and see the remarkably well preserved temples to Poseidon and Hera dating back to 550 BC.

Afternoon: After the group’s visit to Paestum, the group will have a chance to visit Paestum’s museum which will give them an interesting insight into the life in this ancient city.

Evening:In the evening the group will have free time for group activities.

Day 5

Morning:After breakfast we travel to the ancient Greek city of Velia for a guided tour. The group will see this ruined ancient city which dates back to 545 BC. The group will see the Porta Rosa and one of the oldest Greek arches anywhere in the world.

Afternoon: In the afternoon, the group will be transported to San Marco of Castellabate and have a chance to explore this charming Italian village or simply relax at the beach.

Evening:Evening transportation back to accommodation followed by overnight stay.

Day 6

Morning:Group check-out of accommodation an are transported to airport in Naples for return flight to UK.

Afternoon: Group land at UK airport and are transported to school.

Evening:Arrival back at school. End of Tour.

Sights & places of interest in Cilento Coast to visit

Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis ancient Greek city dates back to the 550 BC and has three ancient Greek temples which are incredibly well preserved and a popular tourist attraction today. The ancient city also has a dedicated museum which houses artefacts, paintings and other exhibits.

Salerno Cathedral
Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis main church in the city of Salerno is the city’s main tourist attraction and dedicated to Saint Mathew and houses the saint’s tomb. The cathedral itself dates back to 1085 when it was erected over a Roman temple’s ruins.

Lungomare Trieste
Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis palm three promenade was built in the 1950s and is one of the prettiest and best in Italy which rival those of the French Riviera. It stretches nearly five miles.

Castello di Arechi
Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis imposing castle set atop a 300 m hill overlooks the Gulf of Salerno. It was originally built over an ancient existing Roman construction. Today, it is used for exhibitions and for remarkable views of the town.

Porta Rosa
Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThe ancient ruined city of Velia is also home to one of the oldest Greek arches in the world and dates back to the 4th BC. Known as the pink gate but Rosa was an intended given name.

Vila Rufolo
Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemLocated in the centre of Ravello, this building overlooks the cathedral square. Originally built in the thirteenth century for the wealthy Rufolo family, the villa offers some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast and Gulf of Salerno.

Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis town located in the province of Potenza is often referred to as, “the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian” with amazing views of the Tyrrhenian coast. It many churches and lush vegetation of oaks, pine trees, and rosemary will charm visitors.

Cilento Coast- Italy's Hidden GemThis small Italian village is located within the Cilento National Park and is very popular with tourists for its incredible views.

Cilento Coast- Italy’s Hidden Gem on the Map

Cilento Coast- Italy’s Hidden Gem video

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