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Beamish- The Living Museum Of The North

  • Destination: UK - England
  • Duration: 1 day

Beamish- The Museum of the North is a unique cultural experience which cannot be found elsewhere and is an ideal place to take your group to visit. This 300 acre open air museum allows visitors to see what life was like many years ago in the North East during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. It also allows your group a great opportunity to experience the museum in a completely different way with interactive lessons whilst at the same time providing a fun and interesting way to learn new skills.

Tours to this open air museum will give your group an invaluable insight into what life was like in England many years ago and keep them busy with the museum spread over 300 acres of beautiful County Durham countryside.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Departure from school and travel to County Durham.

Afternoon:Arrival at Beamish- The Living Museum of the North and admission. Spend the afternoon exploring this unique museum. Step back in time and see how life was like in North East England during the 1820s, 1900s, and 1940s with real life people and working farms, houses, mines and more.

Evening: Evening departure from County Durham and travel back to home town. End of Tour.

Sights & Things to Do in Beamish- The Living Museum Of The North

The Town
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThis part of the living museum gives visitors a chance to see how life was like in a North East town in the years up to the First World War. The town with all its shops and buildings, each with unique period features, each tell a different story of what it was like in the early 1900’s. In the Dentist’s surgery, for example, visitors will hear the gruesome tales of treatment during these times.

Railway Station
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThis station dating back to 1867 and originally from Rowley, near Consett, has been reborn at Beamish. The railway station features a variety of wagons and trains from this by-gone era all on display. You can also take a steam passenger ride on one of their locomotives.

1940s Farm
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThe Home Farm has been changed to look as a real Second World War working farm. It also shows how the use of rations helped save the nation from starvation. Visitors can explore the farmhouse, garden cottage, and of course see the farm animals on-site.

The Colliery
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThe North East was the heartland of the coal industry during the 1900s when it was is its golden age. Whole communities and villages were created for miners and their families. At Beamish, visitors can explore Pit Village which is a recreated miners village to see how families in collierry communities lived.

Pockerley Old Hall
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThis structure has been around long before the Beamish Museum was opened. Visitors can see what it was like to live in Georgian times. There are many activities groups can par take in whilst visiting Pockerley Old Hall and include candle-making, cooking traditional recipes and calligraphy.

Pockerley Waggonway
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThis site at Beamish is home to replica locomotives of some famous English locomotives such as the Steam Elephant which orginally operated in 1815. It also has a replica of George Stephenson’s Locomotion No. 1. Train lovers are sure to have a smile on their face after visiting this site.

Beamish Bakery
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthThis newly opened site offers visitors a chance to visit an authentic traditional Edwardian bakery offering tasty treats to guests.

Davy's Fried Fish Shop
Beamish- The Living Museum Of The NorthLocated in The Pit Village, this fried fish shop offers a authentic recreation of what was a popular place for working class people during Edwardian times.

Beamish- The Living Museum Of The North on Map

Beamish- The Living Museum Of The North Video

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