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Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

  • Destination: UK - England
  • Duration: 1 day

Magna Science Adventure Centre is set within a colossal former steelworks and echoes with the rich industrial heritage of the UK steelmaking industry which once used the natural resources of earth, fire, water and air. The ‘Steel, Peech and Tozer’ works produced 18 million tonnes of steel a year and employed 10,000 people in its heyday. It was at the heart of the booming Sheffield steel industry.

The steelworks closed in 1993 but the original building has been largely preserved as a monument to its industrial heritage. Impressive artefacts such as hulking hooks, winding passages, cupolas and cranes are still in position around the science adventure zones in Magna today.

Groups will learn more about Magna’s steel industry heritage through interactive exhibits, multi-media displays, and fascinating talks. These guided tours tell the human story of the steel industry and are told by former steel workers and enthusiasts..

See one of the steelworks’ original electric arc furnaces which has been brought back to life at with pyrotechnics, audio and smoke.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Departure from school and travel to Rotherham.

Afternoon: Arrival at Magna Science Adventure Centre. The Science Adventure Centre is full of interactive exhibits and educational displays to help your group learn about the wonders of science and the laws of nature. Your group will learn about the earth’s four elements – AIR, WATER, EARTH and FIRE!

Evening:Arrival back at school or chosen destination.

Sights & Things to See & Do at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

Water Pavilion
This exhibit explores the element of Water with interactive games and challenges for all. No need to worry though, you won’t be washed away but you may need a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Earth Pavilion
This pavilion has many hands-on games and attractions which will keep visitors interested, including real working JCBs and buckets to fill. This pavilion will get your heart racing and just might have wanting to be a site foreman.

Fire Pavilion
The hot atmosphere which exists within this pavilion is created by this ferocious element. The 5 metre fire tornado will mesmerize you as well as the many interactive exhibits. Please note that groups will not be exposed to live flames in this pavilion.

Air Pavilion
This pavilion is a giant ‘zeppelin’ which allows visitors to learn about this essential element. Groups will learn how it creates force, motion, and sound.

This outside area in particular is a child favourite. Children of all ages can play, explore and learn with colours, slides, rockets, and castles. Warning for parents: This area is highly contagious and some adults may find it difficult to restrain themselves from some of the rides.

The Big Melt
Magna-Science-Adventure-Centre-2This attraction is one of the most popular features of Magna Science Centre. The Big Melt can be heard from all over the complex and is focused around one of the furnaces of the steel mill. In a pyrotechnic marvel (no heat), students can experience what a working mill would look like without all of the dangers involved.

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham on Map

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham Video

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham is suitable for

School Types:

Secondary Schools 6th Form Colleges Universities

School Subjects:

Art & Design Business Studies Automotive Technology General / Cultural History Media & Fim Studies Science

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