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Cadbury World – Explore a Whole World of Chocholate

  • Destination: UK - England
  • Duration: 1 day

Take your group to experience a whole world of Cadbury chocolate at Cadbury World in Birmingham. See a life-sized chocolate street, take a ride with Cadbury’s Chuckle Beans, watch Cadbury master chocolatiers create amazing pieces of chocolate, and stock up on the world’s largest Cadbury shop.

Discover the history of chocolate from its origins in the Aztec jungle to modern day Europe and discover how Cadbury business started in Birmingham. Groups will see the fine intricacies of chocolate-making and wonder how they create these remarkable treats.

School groups from Key Stages 1-5 can benefit from a wealth of information available for learners via educational talks and downloadable materials via Cadbury World’s website.

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Example itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Departure from school and travel to Bournville, Birmingham. Arrival at Cadbury World and admission.

Afternoon: Group explore the Cadbury Factory and exhibitition and rides. Educational talks and resources available for school groups from Key Stages 1-5.

Evening: Departure from Cadbury World and travel back to school. Arrival back in early evening. End of Tour.

Things to See whilst visiting Cadbury World

Aztec Jungle
Cadbury World - Explore a Whole World of ChocholateGo back in time 1000 years to Mexico, where you’ll walk through the tropical rainforest of the Mayan Indians. Find out how cocoa played an important role in their culture, and see the legendary Aztec Emperor Montezuma whose favourite drink was a type of hot chocolate.
The Cadbury Story
Cadbury World - Explore a Whole World of ChocholateThe founder of Cadbury’s, John Cadbury, narrates an inspiring story of his early struggles to establish the business and how his sons Richard and George took control.
World's Biggest Cadbury Shop
Cadbury World - Explore a Whole World of ChocholateAfter your visit to Cadbury World, why not treat yourself to some more chocolate in the largest Cadbury shop in the world. If you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth here you probably will have a tough time doing it anywhere else.
Chocolate Making
Cadbury World - Explore a Whole World of ChocholateWatch Cadbury’s master chocolatiers work their magic show traditional chocolate-making skills on unique handmade items which are then later sold in shop.
4D Chocolate Adventure
Cadbury World - Explore a Whole World of ChocholateJoin the Cadbury characters as they take you on a unique 4D cinematic experience complete with moving seats and delicious smells. Hold on tight on this one.

Cadbury World on Map

Cadbury World video

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